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Lymphedema Services

At Hodi Lymphatic Center we provide:

  • Certified lymphedema therapists to assist with proper diagnosis and treatment implementation for effective management of the condition through specific phases of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) using the specialized Vodder massage technique to assist with fluid movement, calming inflammation, and excreting toxins.
  • Bandaging or compression garment recommendations to ensure appropriate compression class and comfortable fit of appropriate garments.
  • Measurements and monitoring to ensure proper management of ongoing lymphatic issues for those already diagnosed with lymphedema.
  • Assist with maximizing volume reduction in a swollen limb that has not responded to elevation or other means of treatment.
  • Assist with closing wounds that have been problematic due to increased volume in a limb.
  • Providing screens to assist with early detection with lymphedema following cancer diagnosis with lymph node procedures.
  • Wound certified therapist to assist with chronic wound issues that present due to lymphedema.
  • Custom exercise programs to assist with improving/maintaining health with a chronic illness.
  • Education and assistance with adaptive equipment and modifications that may be needed to maximize participation with desired daily activities.
  • Assisting with autoimmune support to various chronic illnesses while with lymph drainage techniques.
  • Prehabilitation and rehabilitation with surgeries that are a result of chronic inflammation (i.e. shoulder replacements, TKR, THR, etc) to promote faster recovery.
  • Vestibular rehab through Balanced for Life program to provide the Epley maneuver as needed and assist with dizziness/vertigo issues.
  • Therapy and support following trauma or injury to assist with inflammation and assist with recovery and return to desired activities.
  • Can assist with determining pneumatic compression pump use as appropriate.
  • Will provide community outreach/in services by request to medical programs or professionals.
  • Plastic surgery recovery MLD to decrease risk of fibrosis/scarring and maximize outcomes.
  • Cancer rehabilitation and monitoring to decrease risk of developing lymphedema and improve management to assist return to your expected lifestyle.

Clinical Consultations

If you do not have insurance, do not have an insurance that we are credentialed with, or are just interested in information on the lymphatic system and health benefits we do offer cash pay options. Rates are time-based depending on complexity and needs that present and can range from $100 – $250.

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MLD Candice

Hodi Lymphatic Center is able to assist with all swelling and inflammation issues. Please contact us for an assessment.

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