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A Message from the Owners

Dear Prospective Clients,

If you are experiencing chronic illness and inflammatory issues then you have come to the right place.

We are both certified and experienced lymphedema therapists who have been working with people suffering with lymphedema for almost two decades. We were fortunate enough to have been trained and certified in the golden standard of care from the top rated leaders in the lymphedema community, Guenter Klose and Steve Norton. We are also occupational therapists and therefore understand the importance of modifying our approach to find the most appropriate treatment to help you manage your disease. Some of you may already know us through our work in home health. We have been involved in the lymphedema community for several years now and have assisted patients at every stage. We look forward to helping you find the right treatment to fit your needs and lifestyle.

By starting this center we are hoping to help our area with earlier detection of lymphatic complications. By providing screens for someone who has recently had a lymph node procedure or feels they are beginning to experience discomfort from swelling, we can offer earlier treatment to limit the progression of the disease. We are aware that many of you have been experiencing difficulties for years already and we are familiar with those situations as well. For you, we are offering comprehensive treatment using a variety of approaches. We have experience with the various skin disorders related to lymphedema and if necessary, Holi is wound certified to assist with closing wounds that may have been problematic for years. Swelling and edema impact so many people, many who have been struggling with stockings that they hate or have not been able to find treatment that works for them. At the Hodi Lymphatic Center, we will explain what is causing your swelling and help you find the most comfortable compression options that fit your lifestyle.

There are so many people with autoimmune diseases in this area. We have both been certified with manual lymph drainage and can provide the detoxifying massage that can help boost your immune system. This technique focuses on creating new pathways and easing inflammation in areas that are most problematic for improved comfort as well as easing exacerbations in pain as they arise.

We were born and raised in NEPA and have wanted to create a place where people can go, be heard, and treated for lymphatic related conditions that are underserved in our area. If we could ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Holi and Candice

Holi Heffron and Candice Yendrzeiwski

Hodi Lymphatic Center is able to assist with all swelling and inflammation issues. Please contact us for an assessment.

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