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Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Orthopedics

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a highly effective treatment both prior to any reconstructive or other surgical procedures, and after. Manual Lymphatic Drainage aids in dramatically reducing swelling, bruising, scar formation and overall recovery time. The typical side effects of post-op surgery can be significantly reduced with MLD, minimizing downtime and discomfort.


MLD beginning weeks prior to scheduled surgery, this enables the immune system and body to be prepared for the impending recovery period as well as assisting in decreased risk of infection.


MLD can be perform 48-72 hours post op to speed recovery time, minimize effects on the body and assist in decreasing risk of infection.

Benefits of Lymphedema Treatment for Orthopedic Patients

  • Bruising reduction. Cells transported by the lymph system are moved away 10 times faster with MLD. Bruises heal in a fraction of the time, allowing clients the ability to resume activities of daily living.
  • Edema reduction. MLD reroutes lymph fluid to collateral and viable pathways untouched by surgery to allow for accelerated drainage, as opposed to the slow trickle of tissue fluids in the operative site.
  • Pain management. As pressure of lymph fluid decreases around nerves, pain and discomfort are relieved and require less pain medication.
  • Scar-tissue prevention and fibrosis reduction. Lymph fluid left to build up below incisions or sitting in interstitial space can solidify, causing the formation of scar tissue and fibrotic tissue. These tissues are often felt as ball-like substances below the skin surface. MLD prevents lymph fluid build up and solidification, for a seamless scar.
  • Infection prevention. Post-surgical MLD is important when considering that stagnating lymph fluid can become infectious material and warrant artificial drain insertion—which is painful, costly and time consuming.
  • Movement faster. Without the restriction of increased edema, patients will have faster success with movement and return to prior level of function faster than with traditional methods alone.
Consult with your MD to determine if it is right for you!
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