Hodi Lymphatic Center

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Northeast Pennsylvania’s First Lymphedema Center

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What Is Lymphedema?

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NEPA’s first Lymphatic Center is able to assist with swelling and inflammation.

Lymphedema is how your body responds to several medical issues and can occur as a result of injury, trauma, medications, surgery, or medical conditions like cancer, or can be congenital, genetic or hereditary. This can result in various degrees of swelling in a limb or body part. Inflammatory issues are often related to the lymphatic system.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please contact us for an assessment.

  1. Do you have a limb that feels heavy, full, or is swollen?
  2. Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for cancer?
  3. Do you have a history of any lymph node procedure?
  4. Have you had radiation therapy?
  5. Do you have post-surgical swelling?
  6. Do you have a venous insufficiency?
  7. Are your legs swollen or red?
  8. Do you have an autoimmune disease or any pain due to inflammation?
  9. Do clothes or jewelry ever feel tight due to inflammation/swelling?
  10. Have you suffered an injury that has resulted in swelling and pain in the area?
  11. Are you anticipating a surgery due to chronic joint issues that has left that extremity swollen?
  12. Does your skin feel tight or hard causing you to feel uncomfortable or feel like it can easily open?
  13. Have you had any vascular issues that have resulted in swelling?
  14. Do you have wounds that reoccur or don’t seem to ever close?
  15. Have you experienced multiple infections or cellulitis?
  16. Do you suffer from any skin conditions that cause irritation?
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Holi Heffron and Candice Yendrzeiwski

Owners Holi Heffron and Candice Yendrzeiwski are both occupational therapists and most importantly certified lymphedema therapists.

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Hodi Lymphatic Center Entrance

Hodi Lymphatic Center is located in the Gateway Shopping Center in Edwardsville, PA.

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